ENIGMUS is a dynamic group of leading international experts comprised of Enterprise Solution Conglomerates operating worldwide providing a broad range of services and products to select clientele with a special emphasis on the EU, MENA and SWA regions. 


ENIGMUS offers the highest quality of services and products on the international market today working closely with our customers to achieve their goals. 


The ENIGMUS experience and commitment to excellence have earned us the reputation as a leading international engineering, architecture, consultancy, and trading company. 


ENIGMUS specializes in Middle Eastern, African, European and Asian markets and maintains a select presence in North and South America.

ENIGMUS has created strategic alliances with several United States European companies to include dedicated partners in the World.  Turkey has a strategic location for support to the Middle East and Eastern Europe and is the hub for our operations with the lead business development office in Dubai of the United Arab Emirates. 


ENIGMUS has a complete staff of engineers, architects, and planners along with support personnel to work around the clock and around the globe to serve our customers, our doors are never closed.


In the global market place, it is imperative to deliver complete, accurate and precise enterprise-wide solutions right the first time while guarding against the forces and dynamics that cause under-delivery and failure.


ENIGMUS is a fundamental resource in the Construction and Services Sector for Executives as well as Project and Program Managers, CFOs, CIOs, CTOs, Enterprise Engineers and Technology Professionals in both the public and private sectors. The faster the delivery the greater the success.


ENIGMUS is a global conglomeration with focuses in the Construction and Services sectors as well as ITC, Security, and Logistics with emphasis on international relations and project management.